Wyoming Travel Planner

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Wyoming travel is fun to plan:  here are some great destinations, climate info and trip ideas to help make your Wyoming getaway special.

Devils Tower, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Hole, the Oregon Trail, Medicine Bow, Flaming Gorge...the words conjure up mystery and magic. 

Wyoming’s fauna includes pronghorn antelope, trout, walleye,snakes, wild horses, desert elk, coyotes, hawks, eagles, moose, mule deer, wild turkeys, and sandhill cranes.

The flora includes sage brush, prairie grass, ponderosa pine, juniper, spruce, sub-alpine fir, cottonwoods and greasewood.

The landscape and geologic features include hot springs, fossil beds, the Continental Divide and Great Divide Basin, sand dunes, gorges, canyons, bluffs, lakes, rivers, mountains, Sinks Canyon (featuring a river that plays hide and seek), Granite Falls, geysers (including Old Faithful) and petrified trees.You can get information about all National Parks located in Wyoming by

clicking this link:  :http://www.nps.gov.

Summer temperatures range from highs in the 80’s to lows around 50°F.  Layering clothing is a good plan, because summer temperatures can reach the 90’s but the nights are cool, especially in the higher elevations.  Comfortable clothing is important, for example, jeans, shorts, teeshirts, sweatshirts, windbreakers.  Dress casually.  Pack sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat, and be aware of how your body reacts to less oxygen:  Wyoming has the second highest average elevation in the US.



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