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gaining prominence and receiving kudos with production of cabernet sauvignon, merlot and syrah, as well as many whites.

Seattle has a vibrant waterfront and a busy cruise trade.  The “Emerald City” has vigorous art, sports and restaurant scenes.

Northwestern Washington has such diverse features as crashing surf and smooth shores, mud flats and salt marshes, the San Juan Islands, the Olympic Mountains, harbors and peninsulas.  Enjoy delicious seafood and days in the sun.

Whale watching, antique hunting, swimming, canoeing, skiing, hiking, hunting, fishing, museum hopping, dancing, dining, shopping—there’s something for everyone.




Washington travel is fun to plan:  here are some great trip ideas and destinations to help you plan your Washington getaway.

Mount St. Helens took a lot of people by surprise when she erupted in May of 1980.  Billions of pounds of ash flew into the atmosphere around the world and 1,377 ft of mountain disappeared.  Because of  volcanic activity, Mount St. Helens was closed for climbing in May of 2005.  The USDA Forest Service posts changes on their website.  Along with Mount St. Helens, Mount Rainier and Mount Adams are some of the most recognized Cascade volcanoes.

The Columbia and Yakima River Valleys are recognized for the fine grapes grown there.  Wineries are

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