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Texas travel is fun to plan:  here are some great destinations, trip ideas, and climate information to help you plan your Texas getaway.

Texas split off from Mexico in the 1830’s and the Lone Star Republic was formed by disillusioned Mexican citizens, largely American immigrants who had settled in Texas.  When Texas joined the Union, the word “republic” was dropped and the nickname “Lone Star State” was adopted.

Covering over 268,000 square miles, Texas has a lot to offer.  The state has 22 million acres of forests and woodlands, as well as 4,959 square miles of lakes and streams, second only to Alaska in total area of inland water.

You can enjoy the thrill of prehistoric dinosaurs in one day and the excitement of NASA’s Space Center the next.  On another day view 4,000 year old rock art or check out the Odessa meteor crater. 

Monahans Sandhills State Park features 4,000 acres of sand dunes, and one of the largest oak forests in the nation:  the mature Havard oak trees rarely exceed 3 feet in height, but their roots can extend 90 feet deep.The Alamo, in San Antonio,

is Texas’ most famous shrine, where 189 defenders fell on March 6, 1836 to Mexican Gen. Santa Anna’s army.  The mission was established over  a hundred years earlier in 1718 as the city’s first mission.

Spanish, American Indian, and Early American culture collide and blend to make Texas unique.  Fabulous caves, limestone cliffs, and canyons are among the geologic wonders.  Texas is famous for another geologic treasure:  oil.

Texas’ climate is generally sunny, with very hot summer highs and mild winters.  Sunscreen is a must, and a wide range of clothing options is recommended, including tee shirts and shorts in the day and jackets and hats for nights.

Mexican border information:  US citizens need proof of citizenship, such as passport or birth certificate when visiting Mexico.  A Mexican tourist card is required for visiting longer than 72 hours or beyond border cities.  These are available from Mexican immigration authorities at the border.  More information can be found at www.visitmexico.com or by calling 800-44-MEXICO.




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