Rhode Island Travel Planner

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Rhode Island travel s fun to plan:  here are some destinations and great trip ideas to help you plan your Rhode Island getaway.

Rhode Island, though small, is covered with woodlands over 60% of her area.  This well preserved natural beauty helps to make her a great destination, and allows us to still see her today as she may have been seen through the eyes of Giovanni da Verrazzano in the 1520s.  He liked the islands of Narragansett Bay so well that he decided to stay for a couple of weeks.  Nature lovers will enjoy rock climbing in northern Rhode Island, biking, and kayaking.  Sailing, sunbathing, cruising or riding the ferry are available for water lovers.

There are over 50 museums throughout the state featuring nationally and internationally renowned art work.  Music, theatre and dance are also available for those who love art and culture.

According to Rhode Island’s Travel Guide, the state has “one of the largest collections of buildings on the National Register of Historic Places”.  History lovers can walk through some of these places, and explore the lore of centuries of our predecessors.  Providence, the capital, was a booming seaport in colonial days, and ready to take advantage of the Industrial Revolution when it reached her shores in the 1800’s.  In 1915 the international Board of Trade named Providence one of the “Five Industrial Wonders of the World”, with strong foundations in the textile, silverware and jewelry industries.

Roger Williams, the founder of Providence, settled here, naming this new home in thanks for his safe arrival, after being exiled from Massachusetts for his belief in independent thought.  His likeness graces the State House dome today.



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