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New Jersey travel is fun to plan: here are some great trip ideas and destinations.

Ellis Island, Liberty State Park, the Statue of Liberty: American icons that we all recognize and identify with freedom and opportunity. The Garden State is proud to invite you to walk through these and many other historic sites that mean so much to so many of us. Her countryside reminds us of our national heritage, from the Hudson River, first traversed by Henry Hudson in the 1600s to Raritan Bay and Perth Amboy. Many of the immigrants that came to these shores made their homes

in New Jersey, adding their weave and weft to a rich tapestry of life, including silk weavers, beer brewers, and embroidery artists. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb and other amazing new items in West Orange, NJ.

But New Jersey is not just a place of the past, but a vibrant force moving into the future. Harness and thoroughbred racing, ballet, jazz, theme parks and amusement parks, hotels ranging from quiet B &Bs to sleek modern resorts, top rated golf courses, art gallery tours, film festivals, camping, dancing, boating, drag all happens here.



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