Nebraska Travel Planner

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Nebraska travel is fun to plan:  here are some great trip ideas, destinations, and climate information.

Nebraska is home to abundant wildlife.  Mountain lions, mink, muskrat, river otters, ferrets, mountain plover, sandhill cranes, prairie dogs, cottontail rabbits, flying squirrels, white-tailed deer, mule deer, pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, and elk, among  others call Nebraska’s wilderness home.  Nebraska has designated wildlife areas that are free to the public.  Camping is permitted and you can even bring Fido or Fifi, as well as your horse, unless otherwise posted, however you may not graze or range your animals.  Fishing, hunting and boating is also permitted.  For more information contact the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

The landscape here is made up of prairies and farmland,

Grand Isle








Wood River

wooded bluffs, grasslands, wetlands, rivers, waterfalls, sandhills, and buttes.

Nebraska has 9 scenic highways and byways, taking you through pieces of our American heritage, like the Lewis & Clark Scenic Byway, Outlaw Trail,  and 385– Gold Rush Byway.

Raceways, museums, galleries, vineyards, along with world class dining make Nebraska a top destination.

Many famous people hail from Nebraska.  Here’s a small sample:  Fred Astaire. Marlon Brando, Crazy Horse, Henry Fonda, Pres. Gerald Ford, Nick Nolte, Alexander Payne, Louise Pound, Paul Revere, and Standing Bear.

Nebraska’s climate ranges from the low 30’s average high in January and around 10°F average low to about 90°F average high in July and near 65°F average low.



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