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Acadia Information Center                                   www.acadiainfo.com

Aroostook County Tourism                                 www.visitaroostook.com

Downeast & Acadia Regional Tourism            www.downeastacadia.com

Lakes & Mountains Region                                 www.westernmaine.org

Maine Tourism Association                                 www.mainetourism.com

Maine Highlands                                                      www.themainehighlands.com

Midcoast Chamber Council                                 www.mainesmidcoast.com

Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce                   www.midmainechamber.com

Portland Regional Chamber                                 www.portlandregion.com

Southern Midcoast Maine Chamber                   www.midcoastmaine.com

Southern Maine Coast Tourism                          www.southernmainecoast.org

Upper Kennebec Valley Chamber                      www.upperkennebecvalley.com

Blue Hill

Deer Isle


Maine vacations are fun to plan:  here are some great trip ideas, travel destinations and climate information.

Maine’s moderate temperatures and good air quality are a principal factor in the state’s year round vacation industry.  Peak temperatures in July average about 70°F throughout the state, but certain areas may reach 90°F.  Winters are generally cold, but prolonged cold spells are unusual.

Maine is a great place for the adventurous:  sledding and skiing, sailing, dogsledding, whitewater rafting, hiking, fishing, and climbing are just the beginning.  You can enjoy the wildlife at many state parks, including Swan Island (great for spotting bald eagles), Lamoine State Park, Peaks-Kenny State Park (with camping areas), Cobscook Bay State

Park, (named for its boiling tides), and Aroostook State Park (the state’s first).

Maine’s state animal is the moose, and you’ll be sure to see them at the Maine Wildlife Park.  Wild animals which can’t be released back into the wild due to injuries or special needs are cared for at this park.  Puffins and beavers, hawks, vultures, eagles and falcons, deer, lynx and bear all call Maine home.

Maine’s human inhabitants enjoy great seafood, especially the famed Maine lobster, beautiful B & B’s, world class golf, and renowned museums.  The romantic in you will enjoy Maine’s covered bridges, most of which are in the Lakes and Mountains region.  Most of them were built in the mid-1800’s to protect from the elements.



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