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Arkansas travel is great.  Read on for destinations and great trip ideas.

 Arkansas’s landscape varies wildly within a close area. The Arkansas River Valley bisects the state in an east southeasterly direction, flowing past Mount Magazine, Mount Nebo and Petit Jean Mountain, as well as the capital, Little Rock on its way to the Mississippi River.  The Ouachita mountain range runs east to west, rare for the United States, and are known for hot springs, diamond and quartz deposits.  Beautiful timberland exists in the southern portion of the state, drawing sportsmen and driving the area’s economy.  The Mississippi River Delta along the eastern border has rich soil for farming cotton rice soybeans and more.  The Ozarks, in northern Arkansas, were formed by the erosion of three plateaux.  Limestone cave formation and towering bluffs are typical of this rugged country—so rugged that certain areas remained isolated into the 20th century, mini pockets of micro-culture reflecting lifestyles of the early

settlers.You’ll want to check out these National and State attractions.  Hot Springs National Park is a place of thermal springs and historic bathhouses.  The William J. Clinton Presidential Center and Park is opened in November 2004.  Central High School National Historic Site memorializes the struggle for desegregation that nine black students courageously fought.  Buffalo National River is a breathtaking place to contemplate nature’s beauty.  At Crater of Diamonds State Park you can search for diamonds and keep the bounty.

Arkansas offers everything from beautiful natural landscapes to world-class art exhibits and theatre.  Arkansas’s Wine Country in Altus, Paris and Wiederkehr Village has tours of wineries and free tastings.  Concerts, sporting events and more are yours to enjoy in Little Rock.—and of course you can’t forget the food: fried catfish, hickory smoked pork barbecue, fruit pies, cornbread, fried chicken and sweet tea.



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