Alaska travel can be fun and informational.  Depending on the season, you can enjoy spectacular views, great hiking, fishing and wildlife, as well as check out the Aurora Borealis. 

Trip Ideas, Must-See’s and Climate:

The Northern Lights are most visible between late August through April.  The long days of summer make it difficult to see. 

Wildlife viewing requires caution as well as patience.  It’s best to give wildlife plenty of space, approaching slowly and indirectly.  Don’t disturb young or sick animals.  Often young animals that appear to be alone have protective parents nearby.  Field guides are invaluable tools and easy to find.  Do not bring your pets to view wildlife, as you may be endangering them or the wildlife you’re watching.  Many species appear in particular places only during specific seasons.  Hibernation and migration play key roles in where these species can be found at any given time.  You can call site managers and check site write-ups before heading out.

The climate in Alaska is varied more than you might expect.  On a mid-December morning, temperatures can range from 0°F in Fairbanks to 46°F in Ketchikan.  According to the Alaska Travel Industry Association, summer highs range between 60°F to 80°F, while summer lows are from the 40’s to 50’s.

Alaska is located in the Alaska Standard Time Zone.  Daylight savings time is observed.  AST is 4 hours behind Eastern Standard Time.Dress for comfort.  Comfortable clothing and shoes are

accepted at most locations and occasions.  You’ll need shorts, sandals, windbreakers, sunglasses, and sunscreen in the summer; and boots, parkas, snow pants, hats, sunglasses and mittens or gloves are necessary in the winter.

Border information.  A current passport or birth certificate plus a valid driver’s license are required to enter from Canada.  When driving you must also have  motor vehicle registration and proof of liability insurance.

Certain Must-See’s include the American Bald Eagle, Dall sheep, caribou, polar bear, Blue Babe (a 36,000 year old steppe bison mummy), hot springs, the Yukon River, and the Alaska Range.




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